Fashion Advice For Men

men fashion photo
Photo by May Lee213

Men Are Fashionable Too!

In past decades, the word fashionable was automatically attributed to women, but in recent years, the word has been loosely used to describe men as well. In fact, just look at any of the available men’s clothing and accessories catalogs to get a better idea of what fashion items are available for men! You’ll probably be confronted with designer cologne, leather belts and bags, luxury watches, slimming pants, and comfortable shoes when looking at such catalogs.

Fashion Accessories For Men

Designer belts: One of the number one ways to dress up any outfit is to use designer belts. They can be found in a wide range of styles and sizes to encompass your needs.

Fashion eyewear: When it comes to choosing men’s eyewear, comfort, durability, and style should never be compromised. Glasses and contact lenses should offer the right amount of style while still remaining comfortable to wear daily.

Men’s cologne: No outfit is complete without a hint of the right cologne. Men’s colognes aren’t just a testament to their style, but passion and attitudes as well.

Men’s Clothing Tips

Short waisted men: If you have a short waist, take care when selecting your jeans as denim pants can sometimes highlight your mid-section. Choose shorter length pants and opt for shirts that fall right on or below your middle, but in any case, don’t choose anything too form fitting. Additionally, select neutral colored clothing that helps move the eyes away from your waist.

Long waisted men: When it comes to choosing jeans and other pants, the longer, the better! You need to accommodate your lengthier waistline, but you should break it up with an accessory such as a wide belt with a larger buckle. You can wear contrasting colors, but try pairing your shirts with a blazer or a leather jacket that can prevent your waist and legs from drawing too much attention.

Flat bottomed men: Most men have flat bottoms, so it’s always important to select properly fitted pants that can create a good flow on the body. Straight cut long pants are an ideal choice for flat bottomed men.