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Men and women have lots of differences, among them are shoes. A female’s shoe isn’t simply a smaller sized version of a man’s shoe. The style is different to enable distinctions in the shape of the foot and weight put on the heel.

Men’s running shoes are usually stiffer than ladies’ shoes. This allows for more support and movement control whereas women’s shoes tend to be a bit more versatile.

For a very long time, makers of running shoes specialized primarily in the building of men’s running shoes and generally build scaled down versions for females.

In the last few years however, many producers have taken to creating running shoes specifically for ladies which considers the differences in the construct of women’s feet.

Considering that males of the exact same height have the tendency to weigh more than ladies, men’s running shoes are developed to be tougher and have more cushioning in the sole to take in the pounding brought on by the additional weight.

The heels are typically developed to absorb shock of greater strength. These additional functions have the tendency to make the shoe stiffer which adds extra support for the male foot, but can make it hard for a female to move and flex naturally while wearing them..

In general, the male foot has a more comprehensive forefoot than a lady’s. The female foot tends toward being angular.

As an example, see the features of the following men’s running shoes:

The Nike Shox TL3

This shoe is built with triple layers and offers excellent fit and optimal convenience. These layers allow the foot to breathe and the mid foot is provided extra support from the lacing style.

The Nike Shox has actually bisected heel columns to enable each heel a smooth landing. In addition to this, the shoes provides exceptional cushioning. The Nike Shox offers the current in sports shoe technology as well as old fashioned comfort. This costs around $150 per pair.

The Adidas Clima Cool Running Shoe

This is another high quality running shoes for men. It is built of breathable materials which are fast drying. The product attends to optimum ventilation from both sides and it has an antimicrobial lining which limits the bacterial development and cuts down smells.

This running shoe has a shock absorbing midsole with inserts and plates which decrease impact and secure the feet. The rubber outer sole is made from high traction rubber. The Adidas running shoe is more economical than the Nike, and costs around $85 per pair.

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