Common Fashion Mistakes That Men Make

Fashion mens photoMen may hate to admit this but you would need to agree that looks are essential for your career, your love life and your influence over other individuals. When you see people for the very first time, they will immediately have an impression on you based on their physical looks. While there are certain factors like your age, skin color, and the like that might be beyond your control, you can present yourself in the best image possible with the clothes you use and how you carry it.

Guys should never use a tie on short-sleeved shirts. Many people view short sleeves as a lower class of apparel. You cant refrain from wearing it if it’s part of the uniform, like the case of managers who operate at food chains but if you wish to show a professional image, this should definitely be avoided.

Your shoes are very important as it complements your whole look. Keep your shoes clean and shined at all times and wear one that is appropriate for the occasion. For variety, as much as possible do not use the exact same pair of shoes for straight successive days. You can lengthen the life of your shoes, if you would hang them on shoe trees when not in use.

Men’s trousers should not be short and those that cover the socks are proper. Also, the socks that you wear ought to cover your legs all the way to the shin area so that no portion of your leg’s skin will be exposed when you cross your legs.

Never wear a belt and suspenders at the same time.

The color of your socks should match with your trousers and your belt and shoes must also match. Your tie should reach your belt line.

Single breasted suits can have only a single button or two or more. Coats with 2 or 3 buttons are traditional and suitable for gatherings. Only the top button is secured for a jacket with 2 buttons. You can close the middle button or both the middle and lower button if the coat has 3 buttons. For jackets with 4 or more buttons, all the buttons need to be attached.

Double breasted suits are more formal and have four to six buttons. They are recognized by a two number classification with the first number signifying the overall variety of front buttons and the second number representing the variety of button holes. Not all buttons have to be attached. Generally, the middle or upper button is secured.

Sports coats and suits must properly fit and a quarter to half an inch of the shirt sleeve should show at the jacket sleeve.